Business consulting

We provide strategic business consulting services to companies and organisations to set their strategic direction, create comprehensive strategic business plan and develop strategic management framework.

Our business consultants work collaboratively with top management teams on the identification and assessment of a business issue and analysis of a specific business segment in order to help them develop strategic business roadmap, improve organisational efficiency and business results.

We offer business consultancy in the following segments:

Business Plan Development
We assess company’s current market position taking into consideration a number of factors and necessary data in order to develop sustainable business plan that is tailored to its requirements and business life cycle stage. A winning corporate business strategy integrates set of business units’ strategic decisions that jointly position company in the industry and among all stakeholders. We believe that integrated business planning is key to growth and performance improvement.

Business Model Improvement
Our business strategy consulting approach focuses on provision of set of actions that enables companies to enhance business through improvement of the business model. Exploring new opportunities for growth requires deep review of business model based on the mapping of business processes in order to improve efficiency, competitive advantage and profitability.

Strategic Guidance and Coaching
We provide experts’ advice in order to help companies solve specific business problem, unlock innovation potential or enhance business activities organizing consulting workshops and 1-1 coaching sessions that are directly linked to specific strategic challenges (marketing and communication activities, primarily). We support managers through changes by helping them improve leadership and management style.