Crisis/issues communications

We have been exceptionally successful in providing our clients with strategic consulting and support in crisis management in order to help them anticipate issues and manage challenging situations in a timely and appropriate manner.

We have developed the expertise in crisis communications not only to prepare clients for unreducible situations, but also to minimize negative impact of the same through well prepared crisis strategy and communication plan. Our crisis communication professionals are ready to work with company’s management team on creation of crisis communication strategy and implementation framework in order to provide a right response for any situation. Also, we prepare our clients to deal with challenging media communication when companies and organizations are in the midst of an unforeseen event in order to react quickly and professionally.

Specific services we provide are the following:

Proactive pre-crisis planning, crisis forecasting and management training

Issue Identification, Risk assessments, Crisis Situation Audit and Data Analysis

Crisis Communication Planning – Development of Crisis communications strategy, key messages and procedures

Identification and appointment of a crisis communication team; define roles, responsibilities and protocols; train crisis coordinator and spokesperson

Crisis Communication Implementation – preparation of implementation roadmap; senior management consultations on stakeholders’ relations; establish monitoring systems; review changing facts and determine whether strategy should be reviewed

Crisis simulations and training

Media relations – Media strategies and communication

Post crisis analysis – preparation of a report and analysis