Integrated marketing communications

We provide a completely tailored integrated marketing communication consulting and support to companies in order to develop and manage comprehensive marketing communication strategies. Our communication consultants can help companies carefully link all forms of communications and improve marketing activities through range of consulting services working on project and ongoing consulting basis.

We offer advisory support through marketing communication process at strategic or marketing mix level, providing guidance for integration of all communication channels and tools. With well-suited marketing communication strategy and good management, we strengthen a client’s communication activities in two ways: horizontal integration of marketing communications (across marketing mix and business functions) and vertical integration of marketing communications (through linking of marketing communication activities with business objectives). For strategic marketing-communication planning, campaign management and product related public relations management we utilize promotional tools which are most effective for client’s business strategy.

Our collaborative approach in integrated marketing communication management is based on the fundamental understanding of a company’s business needs, target customer segments and competitive landscape. We provide variety of communication services in positioning brand/products/services in order to help companies overcome communication barriers (cross-functional overlap, suppress creativity, timescale mismatching and incoherent know-how) and find the best communication solutions to meet business goals and make promotional messages more consistent and credible.

We provide the following marketing-communication services:

Communication needs assessment

Messages audit and Media analysis

Preparation of Product Related PR Strategy/Campaign

Consulting in integrated marketing communication and brand/product positioning

Media relations – develop and maintain relations with relevant media (international, national and local)

Media monitoring and press clipping

Online Marketing Consulting – clearly defined guidance with goals and tactics for social media and web marketing

Event Management – product/service launch, special events planning including press conferences, trade shows, receptions and press tours

Design Consulting and Support - create and produce a wide range of visual identity elements, digital and printed marketing materials, interactive multimedia presentations