Roche Serbia
During 5 years of successful collaboration, we worked with Roche Serbia management team in overall improvement of the efficiency of strategic communications, public policy and reputation management. Thanks to skillful monitoring of local and global trends, proper understanding of business priorities and ever changing environment, we have succeeded to demonstrate high quality in business analytics and strategic thinking. Our innovative and entrepreneurial approach has been highly appreciated by Roche Serbia management team and has been leading us all towards exceptional achievements.
Actavis Serbia
During the 8 years of fruitful collaboration with Actavis in Serbia, we had the opportunity
to provide demanding and sophisticated communication consultancy to dual Actavis management teams: pharmaceutical plant in Leskovac and sales and marketing team in Belgrade. Communication strategy and implementation were related to implementation of privatization agreement, redundancy programs, utter production restructuring and modernization, GMP standardization, corporate brand positioning, reputation management, crisis management and CSR agenda.
We are especially proud of our 11 years consultancy for Philips in area of domestic appliances portfolio which, both by the length of collaboration and its quality, represents a unique relation between local communication consultancy team and world respected corporate brand. We have succeeded to follow and support demanding brand expectations and provide creative and valuable assistance that contributed to improvement of Philips portfolio positioning.
Beiersdorf Serbia
Exceptionally productive 5 years collaboration with Beiersdorf in Serbia started with the establishment of regular product related PR activities and developed into full account management of Nivea, Eucerin and Labello product related PR activities. Intensive and close collaboration with BDF product management team enabled us to demonstrate great creativeness and efficiency in establishment and further maintenance of highly visible presence of BDF brands in Serbian media.
Hotel Palisad, Zlatibor Serbia
We were asked to provide business advisory services for improvement of the market position of recently renovated hotel Palisad. Being one of the most known hotel brands with great tradition, situated in one of the most attractive and most visited tourist areas in Serbia (mountain Zlatibor) and supported by a strong vision of the owner, hotel Palisad emerged as unique challenge for our team. We successfully developed business plan and marketing strategy and entered the long term collaboration aimed to outgrow into full account sustainability management.
EU Integrated Innovation Support Programme (IISP)
During the two years implementation of the EU Integrated Innovation Support Programme, we provided full consultancy support to project team through implementation of the project and communication strategies aimed to strengthen innovation and investment readiness of SMEs. Our duties were related to project management, communication and awareness raising in the framework of the following activities: promotion of innovation, investment readiness and technology transfer for SMEs; organisation of trainings for technology brokers and SMEs; creation and implementation of innovation and investment readiness awareness raising campaigns for Business Support Organisations about role of technology transfer and equity investment.
EBRD Turn Around Management Program (TAM)
Unique opportunity of providing the assistance to the EBRD TAM Program as individual communication consultant for Serbian market, evolved into the engagement of the whole team and lasted 5 years. Provision of communication support to the implementation of the program designed to support the growth of successful small and medium enterprises, enabled us to gain valuable knowledge and experience about the SME sector in Serbia. Exchange of the experiences with EBRD business consultants and the most successful SMEs helped us to improve our own work and upgraded our consultancy capacity. Thanks to the performance shown in this account, our team leader Snezana Simin has joined the EBRD consultant’s global base of experts for SME growth.
Regional Development
During 2009 and 2010 we have been engaged to support the activities of regional development agencies in Zrenjanin (Banat) and Leskovac (Jablanica and Pcinja District). Our main scope of work was related to promotion of numerous activities aimed to raise the economic and social development of named regions as well as the EU funded projects that agencies were implementing during our engagement. We have been exceptionally successful in providing continuous, visible and positive media coverage for activities, events, workshops and project implementation phases.
Industry conferences
In collaboration with TGI, a company with 30 years of experience in organization of conferences, executive roundtable discussions, networking receptions, product launches and exhibitions, we have succeeded to co-organize high quality events in two areas: finance - CFO Summit (2012, 2013 and 2014) and health care - Health Summit (2014, 2015).