Sustainability management services
We are able to provide an expert based consultancy in sustainability and environmental management in collaboration with Msolutions - a business advisory active in eight countries around the globe, specialized in promotion and application of sustainability in all economic sectors (

Our joint field of work include the following:

Innovative CSR concepts

Sustainability system development and performance management

Sustainability reporting

Governance, risk and compliance

Sustainability projects

Innovative CSR concepts

Guided by the strong belief that business growth needs to generate benefits for common good, we have incorporated Corporate Sustainability and CSR agenda in our business advisory solutions and communications consultancy. Following the growing need of innovative and competitive CSR concepts, additionally we have developed set of the services aimed to help our clients in creation and implementation of Corporate Sustainability and CSR activities:

Innovative corporate sustainability workshops and corporate sustainability team buildings

Corporate sustainability training and seminars for all organizational levels

Mentoring sessions
Assistance in application and localization of corporate sustainability strategies and policies as well as in sustainability reporting

Concept development
Corporate sustainability and responsibility concept development according the environmental and social responsibility systems based on international standards

Our services and solutions are based on comprehensive international experience in formulation of corporate and sustainability responsibility strategies and policy development.