“Mrs Simin and her valuable team had proved high professionalism in all aspects of the work, excellent understanding of priorities, attention to detail and being extremely efficient at a very high level of work. In addition Snezana was a hardworking, but very cheerful and always optimistic person to work with. I have worked in my career with many PR Agencies, but I enjoyed most the work with Snezana and would like to thanks her team for her outstanding contribution to create a successful communication for TAM.’’
Peter Siretz
EBRD TAM Team Coordinator
Western Balkan
“Ms Snezana was always ready to find the best solution of any issue and was efficiently capable to get over any crises eventually appears in our daily work. Thanks to Profession Group, continuity of presence of Philips brand in print media was highly visible, full in compliance of Philips global brand and more than successful.’’
Milica Saratlic
Trade Marketing Officer
Philips Electronics Representative Office Belgrade
“Snezana is a very dedicated and hardworking individual who has consistently show in all of her work her organisational skills and most of all her strong communication skills. She has developed solid relationships with both the clients with which she works as well as the consultants which has working for her. As we at IFC are very team oriented it has been evident that Snezana is a team player, in fact a very strong team leader as well as team member. Again, her organisational skills and dedication to the objectives of the team and IFC, allow her to develop and very efficiently lead the initiatives in which she is involved.’’
Igor Matijevic
Operational Officer, IFC Advisory Services (PSD), Southern Europe
International Finance Corporation
“During the course of our work, Snezana has proved to be an excellent professional, with excellent capability for understanding global communication trends and aligning those with strategic priorities of the company on the market. She has also showed ability to articulate our needs, as client, in high quality communication strategy as well as aptitude to be operational in realizing this strategy and action plans. Over the years, we have been engaged in many different kinds of activities, including a couple of highly sensitive crisis situations. In these particular cases, Ms Simin has proved to be of invaluable assistance, with her organisational and analytical skills, ability for quick and precise assessment of situation and deciding on the best course of action. Full dedication to the task, availability and commitment has played a great role in overcoming the crisis and, subsequently, neutralizing any potential damage to company’s reputation. ’’
Svetlana Mirkovic
Director for Corporate Communication
Actavis Serbia
“Being a leader of the Profession Group, Snezana Simin, had provide high professionalism in all aspects of the work, excellent understanding of strategic priorities of our company and impressfull creativity, consistency and productive efficiency in developing and implementing relevant PR projects. With the decisive support of the Profession Group, we succeed to establish in Serbia systematic and high quality corporate communication in line with the general Schering AG corporate PR Strategy. Facing critical situations on the market of Serbia, we always found on behalf of Snezana Simin and her team fast and effective support to find adequate responds and finally to protect interests of our company. A range of highly creative product related PR projects I keep in my mind as excellent samples of effective PR activities in pharmaceutical marketing. I recommend Snezana Simin as a hardworking, ethical and result-oriented manager, reliable and loyal partner, with strong organizational and communicative skills.’’
Andrej Skirta
Bayer Schering Pharma County Division Head
for Kazakhstan and Central Asia
Head of Representative Office Bayer Schering Pharma AG in Kazakhstan
“Ms Snezana Simin possesses strong organisational and communication skills together with excellent writing and analytical skills. Her creativity and ability to identify and resolve problems have proven invaluable and have contributed greatly to the success of the campaign. Ms Snezana Simin is a very dedicated and hardworking person and a true professional in all aspects of her job.’’
Charlotte Salford
Director, TAM and BAS Programmes
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
“The agency work was always in the best interest of the company and the brands. The creative approach and the fresh ideas the agency gave, helped a lot in achieving our goals of constant growing and improving. Ms. Snezana Simin gave the strategic push-up to our PR activities. Her experience is exceptional and her professional approach and advices were always well thought and correct.’’
Peter Koys
General Manager